Do You Know That You Are Being Lied To?

And you contribute to the lie.

Alexandre Porto
2 min readDec 23, 2020


media society lied to
Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Most people will never realize that they are being lied to.

In fact, the majority of humans cannot recognize truth anymore and are at a point where their minds have been so inundated with falsities, propaganda, and social programming that it has become difficult for them to discern what is real and what is not.

Many believe in an alternate reality constructed by mainstream media sources.

Unfortunately, these people are living in a false reality and the truth will not set them free. In fact, it only makes their reality harder to deal with because they feel that there is no escape from what they have been programmed for so long.

Yet the truth is far simpler than most people believe. All one has to do is remove themselves from society, turn off their TV, and disconnect from all social media outlets and news sources. Doing this will help them become more aware of what lies beyond the mainstream narrative.

Most people love to hear negative news stories about other people and they do not like hearing positive ones.

They prefer their own social media echo chambers in which they can discuss the latest bad things that are happening.

This is a phenomenon that has occurred as a result of social media and the fact that most people are not willing to do anything about it. They will instead prefer to complain on their Facebook page or Twitter feed while making sure they use trigger words like 'evil’, 'racist' and 'sexist’. This allows them to easily filter out anyone who disagrees with them.

The fact that most people are not willing to do anything about the state of society is a reflection of their own apathy and unwillingness to look beyond the established narrative. Instead, they prefer to live in an imaginary world where they feel as if they have some control over what happens.



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