Guaraná is The Plant Your Routine Needs

Also known as the eyes of the forest, the Paullinia cupana is gaining the globe as an improved alternative to coffee.

Alexandre Porto
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Guarana cover image.

Guaraná is a plant that has the shape of eyes, keeping watchful vigil over the Amazon forest. Many indigenous legends revolve around the Paullinia cupana, the guaraná plant. In Brazil nowadays, the guaraná is one of the most popular plants in Brazilian daily life, as it is a reliable stimulant with fewer adverse effects than coffee.

Our webshop, the House of Exotic Genetics has just added Guarana powder as a product and in this article, I want to show a little of the research I have been doing both by reading real-life reports and reading research. Psychonauts from Erowid reported their experience with the Guaraná, and today we are going to have a look at these reports:

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Stimulant for Intense Activity

Guarana & Ginseng — By Tony Trick

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Guarana nuts via Wikimedia

Tony works 8 hours a day as a push bike courier in Sydney, a super physical and laborious job. At first, he tried energy drinks to improve his performance but got tired quickly. After the first energy pump, his body crashed in the middle of the shift.

“…my body would crash and I would feel really tired and lethargic.”

He went online and ordered a mix of guarana and ginseng.

“They took around an Hour to work and by 2 pm I felt I could ride harder, sprint faster, and last longer. By 3 pm my mood was slightly elevated and I was enjoying my job a lot more. I also noticed a mild buzz and my state of consciousness was different almost as if I had snorted some weak speed. This lasted until 6 pm and by 5 pm I was noticing the effects were wearing off. Unlike the energy drinks, I didn't experience any lethargy in my muscles and they didn't affect my health.”



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