How Does It Feel To Use Dream-Enhancing Plants?

Real-life reports of people who explored their dreams with dream herbs.

Alexandre Porto
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Plants for dream exploration — Foto de Wolf Zimmermann na Unsplash

Dream navigation can be challenging. Recalling dreams is already hard enough, but what about lucid dreaming and transforming your dreams into positive changes in your daily life? Well, there are plants that can help you have a healthier night’s rest and achieve deeper stages of sleep. In this article, we are going to discuss three herbs that have been gaining space worldwide as the plants of the dream explorer.

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Calea zacatechichi (The Dream Herb)

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Dream Herb — House of Exotic Genetics

Calea is a plant native to Central America and it has nowadays taken over the world as a reliable herb for lucid dreaming. The practice of intentionally becoming aware that you are dreaming during the dream in order to navigate your subconscious can be significantly improved with the assistance of Calea, also known as the Dream Herb.

The following report is from an Erowid user who experimented with the Dream Herb and had interesting dreams:

A Rich and Beautiful Sleep

Calea zacatechichi — by Noddy

Noddy knew that the Calea had incredible effects on some people, but for other people, it could be barely noticeable. When he first tried…



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