How to Set The Intent for the Psychedelic Trip?

The psychedelic experience starts before the session. It begins when we set our intention for the journey.

Alexandre Porto
5 min readNov 13, 2021


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Psychedelic intent by Terje Sollie

Psychedelic Intention

The psychedelic experience begins days before the trip itself, it begins when you define your psychedelic intention.

Setting your intention requires nothing fancy. In fact, this stage of defining your objectives may be as simple as sitting alone without distractions and asking yourself who you are and what you want for your life.

This piece of advice was given to me by an Artificial Intelligence and you can read more about it here:

To assist me in this exercise of introspection I like to use one nice mental trip:

Interview With God

In a lecture, Alan Watts proposes a mental exercise…

He says:

”Imagine for a moment that it is your privilege to have a brief interview with God, in the course of which you are allowed to ask one question. What would you ask?” — Alan Watts

In my own experiences, I like to reserve a moment without distractions to discuss with myself what kind of doubts I have about life, the universe, and everything and try to come up with questions as if the psychedelic experience were an opportunity to ask questions to God.

  • Who am I, really?
  • How do I improve my life, relationships, and professional life?
  • How to navigate life properly?

When preparing for my own psychedelic journeys I like to select one or two main questions and bring them with me into the trip. As the psychedelic trip progresses the question gradually reveals itself to me externally, as a component of the voyage.

For those who see psychedelic plants and fungi as sacred beings and consume these substances in a ritualistic and…



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