The Most Important Lesson We Can Learn From Genghis Khan

The two attributes to conquer everything in your path.

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Genghis Khan statue before his Mausoleum in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. — Fanghong, CC BY-SA 3.0

AtAt first, I thought that the most important lesson a person could learn from Genghis Khan was about death and how we should live our lives because we are all going to die. However, after carefully reading some materials on his life, I changed my mind.

If you think about it, Genghis Khan — birth name Temüjin — was a great leader and manager. He was able to organize the Mongol armies in such a way that they were able to conquer huge parts of Asia within two decades.

He was also a great conqueror and his armies were feared by anyone on their way because they were famed for conquering everything that stood in their path. Yet, he showed mercy to those who surrendered, which is something I admire. I think this is an important lesson.

After reading about the life and times of the Mongolian Khan, I have come to realize that he was not only a great conqueror, leader, and manager but also a person who cared for his people.

He made sure that they had enough sustenance while conquering their enemies. It is important to understand this as it shows you how some of the greatest leaders in history were able to achieve such great things.

The most important lesson

However, I have to say that the most important lesson a person can learn from Khan is how he used his intelligence and military power to conquer everything that stood before him.

the power of the khan
Portrait of Genghis Khan — Brooklyn Museum, No restrictions, via Wikimedia Commons

Temüjin was a great military leader and conqueror, who could inspire loyalty in all of his men, no matter where they came from or how strange their backgrounds were.

His empire was so large and his armies so disciplined that he could not trust everyone completely.

He often appointed people to positions of power in far-off places, when one died or rebelled the others were still too far away to effectively respond.



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