We Went Shopping for Cannabis Seeds in Italy.

Is cannabis legal in Italy? We went to an Italian shop and recorded it:

Alexandre Porto


Italy — Foto de Dan Novac na Unsplash

Today we are going to visit Italy to discover their cannabis shops where it is possible to buy cultivation equipment, smoke paraphernalia, seeds, and CBD-rich flowers. In a country that is known for being restrictive about its drug laws, going to a shop and buying cannabis seeds legally feels kind like of an out-the-body experience. Especially to someone like me who grew up in Brazil, even the sight of a cannabis shop is surprising and fills me with excitement.

Click on the following picture to see the video (includes footage of my own plant!):

is cannabis legal in italy?
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaytuB61_iY

In the last few years in Europe, we have been seeing a more lenient approach to drug use now that a great number of respectable research groups are once again invested in investigating the real risks and potential benefits of introducing medicines like the magic mushroom, Ayahuasca or cannabis in our daily modern lifestyle.

Recent research has shown that cannabis has the capacity to be a more effective and safe alternative to other current methods of dealing with physical and psychological issues, including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. With the increased demand for these medicines, governments are now opening up to the possibility that maybe — only maybe — the war on drugs was a mistake.

Now, in the process of reverting to this process, we must work together to redevelop our relationships with these sacred substances and work to implement them into a more healthy, wholesome, and sacred modern lifestyle.

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